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A CSS library of reusable social icons. How many times have you started a project that had a requirement for some sort of social following or sharing and had to recreate the CSS to display the individual icons required? This is something that we’ve encountered on multiple occasions and therefore felt the need for a

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Avoid being hacked, keep WordPress up to date and enjoy more stability and new features For anyone who’s ever built, maintained, worked with, or owned a WordPress site, they know how common it is to see that “WordPress X.X.X is available! Please update now.” message at the top of their dashboard. Is it really that

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Re-ordering content from one device to the next without changing the DOM using a mobile first grid system The requirement of having to build websites that work on any device can sometimes bring challenges that we would not normally run into. In certain cases, you may want your content to display in a certain order

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Integrating Plupload into a Backbone View to handle file uploads. When building web applications, we like to create an interface that is void of unnecessary loads, resulting in a much better user experience.  For us to be able to accomplish this, we need to write our interface primarily in Javascript.  To help us with this

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HTML5 Canvas + EaselJs = A match made in heaven A client came to us recently with the challenge of creating them an interactive, touch-based presentation tool that would allow them to demo their products in an engaging way. It was left up to us to determine what technologies were appropriate in order to achieve

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How we’ve optimized our WordPress project setup process At 76design, a major portion of our client work includes WordPress deploys and over the past couple of years, we’ve built a set of tools, base themes, and processes that help us complete these projects.  For example, here’s a list of these components: WordPress (http://wordpress.org/) WordPress Roots

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