Interactive Applications


Project Overview Standards Council of Canada (SCC) provides partner organizations with information about standards regarding safety regulations for consumer products. The volume and complexity of this information requires that users are able to explore it in ways where the relationships and hierarchy of the data become immediately evident. A table-based faceted search, expanding and collapsing

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HTML5 Canvas + EaselJs = A match made in heaven A client came to us recently with the challenge of creating them an interactive, touch-based presentation tool that would allow them to demo their products in an engaging way. It was left up to us to determine what technologies were appropriate in order to achieve

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Project Overview Thornley Fallis Communications wanted to measure the resonance of content posted on social media and blogs. After trying out a plethora of services and tools, none offered the kind of centralized measurement that would provide a one-stop snapshot of meaningful metrics. Solution 76design built 76insights, a product that delivers the kind of metrics

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