Project Overview

Thornley Fallis Communications wanted to measure the resonance of content posted on social media and blogs. After trying out a plethora of services and tools, none offered the kind of centralized measurement that would provide a one-stop snapshot of meaningful metrics.


76design built 76insights, a product that delivers the kind of metrics that are important to content marketers. 76insights measures social interactions and reports on what is working at the intersection of content, audience and promotional channel. 76insights turns big data to into meaningful and actionable conclusions.


Thornley Fallis Communications uses 76insights to complement its measurement tools to monitor and fine tune its content marketing efforts. 76insights is also being licensed to clients who wish gain a deeper understanding of what content generates the biggest impact and return on investment.


  • Modular, API-driven system
  • D3.js
  • Node.js
  • PHP frontend with Java backend
  • Smart job queuing and scheduling
  • Multi-threading

Services provided

  • Database design
  • Web development
  • Proprietary API development
  • Multiple API integrations
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Interaction design
  • Data visualization
  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic design