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IBM Watson

It is that time of the year when technology experts, journalists, analysts and enthusiasts write about the top tech trends of the year or predictions for the next year. While I was tempted to write one myself, I thought I needed to do something a little different. So I took the opportunity to learn how IBM Watson Analytics

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We’ve taken five topics that influence our day to day (Design, Development, PR, Technology and Humour), and the one with most interactions from each topic has been put into an interactive pdf for you to download here. Quintet will be our weekly interaction roundup from 76insights. See you again next Friday! Click here to get Quintet 20/06/14

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Project Overview Thornley Fallis Communications wanted to measure the resonance of content posted on social media and blogs. After trying out a plethora of services and tools, none offered the kind of centralized measurement that would provide a one-stop snapshot of meaningful metrics. Solution 76design built 76insights, a product that delivers the kind of metrics

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