ansible centos - robots building robots

Robots Building Robots Introduction Ansible is a powerful tool for provisioning CentOS on commercial grade linux webservers. In my last article, Webmin Configuration on CentOS, I discussed the steps to setup a new server complete with Webmin and Percona. This is our preferred setup for reliable webservers, but one glance at the article will make

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High Performance Server Configuration in the Age-of-the-Cloud Introduction Building web servers for hosting reliable and performant web sites is a black art. I’d like to discuss how we setup our CentOS servers and manage them conveniently using Webmin. We have learned a few things over time and thought it would be valuable to share the knowledge. tl;dr

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The graphic design world is constantly changing; there are always advances in technology through the development of software and tools. This can influence the look and feel of our design. It is important to keep up with the forever-changing world of design. Clients and employers expect you to be up to date with the latest news

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