Customer Experience


In the fall of 2012, Cira hosted ICANN 45 in Toronto. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) hosts general public meetings 3 times a year which attracts clientele from around the globe. Cira set the bar high by creating a fantastic event and 76 went along to help bring it to life. With

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In today’s commoditized web development industry, choosing the cheapest vendor is not necessarily the most financially responsible decision. You may have heard the expression “Nobody Ever Got Fired For Buying IBM”. Fear tactics aside, I believe this statement is rooted in some sort of reality. At the risk of oversimplifying, when comparing vendors, customers tend

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In the design community you often hear jokes about clients requesting size changes to their logo, “Make the logo bigger! It needs more impact! Make it pop!” Well, I have news for you: just make the logo. I don’t care if it’s big, small, long or tall– just make it. It doesn’t make sense for

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User experience and user interface design are pieces of a bigger customer experience puzzle Most designers and developers of digital products have wrestled with terms such as ‘user experience’ and ‘user interface’. These two terms have been wrongly used, contributing to their cryptic meaning driving any of us increasingly confused. As these practices evolved and

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Project Overview The Canadian Agency for Drug Technologies in Health (CADTH) provides decision-makers with the evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations they require to make informed decisions in health care. 76design works with CADTH to build, maintain and upgrade its website. The site was ranked first overall in a major academic survey of 119 international evidence-based

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Project Overview Thornley Fallis Communications wanted to measure the resonance of content posted on social media and blogs. After trying out a plethora of services and tools, none offered the kind of centralized measurement that would provide a one-stop snapshot of meaningful metrics. Solution 76design built 76insights, a product that delivers the kind of metrics

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