Web and Graphic Design


Project Overview Allstate Insurance of Canada runs Action Against Distraction; a program designed to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Allstate wanted to extend the program from a media relations campaign to an interactive program. The goal was to motivate young adults to participate in various creative activities that gave them a voice

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Project Overview The Canadian Agency for Drug Technologies in Health (CADTH) provides decision-makers with the evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations they require to make informed decisions in health care. 76design works with CADTH to build, maintain and upgrade its website. The site was ranked first overall in a major academic survey of 119 international evidence-based

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Project Overview As the national voice of Canada’s physicians, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is at the forefront of the advocacy movement calling for health care transformation. A patient-centered health care system has been a constant focus of the CMA’s efforts. The CMA was publishing a vast range of traditional print and online publications designed

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Project Overview Thornley Fallis Communications wanted to measure the resonance of content posted on social media and blogs. After trying out a plethora of services and tools, none offered the kind of centralized measurement that would provide a one-stop snapshot of meaningful metrics. Solution 76design built 76insights, a product that delivers the kind of metrics

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