We take security seriously at 76design. Security for the websites and tools we build. Security for our clients. Security for the people who use the things we build.

Yesterday, word spread quickly about the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability and its potentially widespread impact on security across the Internet. As soon as we heard about this, we put a three-step process into effect to protect the security of the things we build in the security of the people who use them.

  1. We upgraded the Open SSL libraries with patches that preclude further exploitation of the heart bleed bug.
  2. We generated new SSL keys for all of our sites.
  3. We are contacting our clients to encourage them to change their passwords to ensure that if password information was accessed by unauthorized parties those passwords will no longer work.

Security is important. It requires us to always be on our guard. But if we are, the Internet will remain safe and secure for us to use for business purposes. That’s what we want at 76 design. That’s what we want for our clients. That’s what we want for you.