If you like to work on exciting projects, use the latest technologies, be surrounded by people with tons of experience who are eager to teach you all the secrets, this is the place for you. Let’s work together to build amazing things and never stop learning.

We are recruiting for the following positions:

To apply, drop us a line via our contact form. Designers and developers are encouraged to send links to their portfolios, code samples or Github accounts.

Web Developer (Freelance)

If you are a freelance Web Developer who wants to work on great projects while staying independent, we want to work with you. You can work from any location as long we you make yourself available via Slack or video chat while working on projects with us.

You will collaborate closely with our in-house development and design team. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Experience coding WordPress and Drupal plugins and modules
  • Comfortable with SSH, the command line and Git
  • Experience with JS frameworks and JQuery
  • Ability to code responsive themes that perfectly match design mock-ups
  • Good understanding of SEO and Google Analytics

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Front-end Web Developer

At 76design, we build websites and web applications with an emphasis on rich interactivity, intuitive interfaces and UX, design excellence, security and scalability. The 76design team brings together experts from complementary fields including product management, web application development, user experience and user interface design and website design.

76design is looking for a front end web developer to join the team and help build web applications for a variety of clients.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Experience with Drupal and/or WordPress
  • Able to develop custom, responsive themes using Bootstrap
  • Very comfortable with PHP, JQuery and/or JavaScript frameworks
  • Strength writing MySql queries
  • Comfortable applying updates to Drupal using Drush

Priority consideration will be given to candidates comfortable with GitHub and/or Subversion, and comfortable using the command line.


  • College or university degree, diploma or certificate, and/or equivalent work experience
  • Experience in building at least one big website and/or web application

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Digital Designer

The ideal candidate is a creative and hard working designer who is passionate about technology. Someone who understands how to make an impact using social media and who loves to explore new apps.

Your typical workweek at 76design will involve:

  • designing user experiences and interfaces that result in intuitive products;
  • using data visualization techniques to present data in compelling ways;
  • designing infographics that boil down rich information into engaging stories;
  • finding the perfect images to support great content;
  • help colleagues with your HTML skills to make content accessible; and
  • track and measure success metrics, and use the insight to fine tune your work.

You will work with experienced creative, technical and communication colleagues who are eager to help you hone your skills and grow professionally every day.


  • Degree, diploma or certificate in Graphic Design or similar program
  • Strong instincts or formal training in data visualization
  • Experience designing for mobile and the web
  • Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator (experience with other Adobe products is a plus)
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS and responsive design is desired

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System Administrator

The ideal candidate loves open source and playing with servers.

Your typical workweek at 76design will involve:

  • provisioning and configuring web and database servers;
  • tuning servers for maximum performance;
  • troubleshooting redundant architectures and load balancers;
  • creating and maintaining shell scripts; and
  • applying critical and non-critical updates to Drupal and WordPress.

You will work with experienced technical peers who are eager to help you hone your skills and grow professionally every day.


  • Degree, diploma or certificate in relevant field and/or equivalent work experience
  • Proficiency in Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.), Nginx, Apache and MySql

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