Difficult problems are the most fun to solve, so when Risk Sciences International (RSI) asked us to help develop a new web presence for their unique brand, we were excited for the opportunity.

RSI’s main product is the knowledge and expertise of their people. RSI helps organizations from a variety of sectors understand, manage and communicate risk. This meant that working collaborative with their subject mater experts was critical to the success of the project.

To help RSI’s scientists, analysts and experts communicate some very complex messages, we began by developing an understanding of the unique nature of the company. A series of stakeholder interviews were conducted to explore the company’s services, sectors, and core expertise. These interviews were critical to understanding how the content on the website should be structured, and how each type of content relates to others. This ensures that the website not only looks great, but is easy to use as well.

The design of the website features large, impactful imagery, a clean layout, a modern type and selective use of colour. The navigation architecture is designed to promote content discovery, and make the relationships between related content clear. This can be seen in how the site takes several different content types—services, sectors, experts, courses and projects—and creates a multidimensional categorization structure.

The new RSI website is built not only to serve the current needs the company, but also to accommodate growth and future opportunities, by including functionality such as a robust event management system, and e-commerce integration.

We are proud of the results, and are thrilled that RSI now has an online hub that provides a platform for their diverse content, expertise, and products. As RSI begins to explore the functionality of their new website, they will find that it is both easy to use and extremely powerful, a combination that bodes well for future success.

Risk Sciences International
Risk Sciences International